YouTube’s tests new Andriod “Hum to Search” Feature Can Identify Songs in 3 Seconds

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Social media app YouTube is testing its new update to “Voice Recognition” that will show the requested song in just three seconds.

Social media platform YouTube is testing its latest feature that allows users to find songs by humming or recording them for three seconds or more. This feature is currently limited to a select few users and can be accessed via YouTube’s voice “search option”.

After identifying the song, the app will display the official music content, user-generated videos, and shorts of the music you want on your mobile screen.

Have you ever stuck a song in your head but don’t remember its name or lyrics? However, YouTube may have the answer for you. The video sharing platform is testing a new feature that allows you to search for songs by humming, singing or recording songs on the Android app. According to YouTube’s support page, the platform is currently testing a song search feature in its Android app that allows users to sing, sing or record music in three seconds or more on YouTube. The feature then identifies the tune and directs the user to relevant YouTube videos that show the searched song, whether it’s an official music video, user-generated content, or shorts.

This feature is similar to Google’s Hum to Search feature, which was introduced in the Google App and Google Assistant in 2020, the YouTube version works much faster than Google, which requires 10 to 15 seconds to locate the song. The YouTube version also shows more results than Google, which shows only one result.

This feature is available to a small number of people watching YouTube on Android devices around the world. It’s unclear when it will be offered to more users or other platforms. However, it’s an interesting and useful feature that can help users discover new songs or find old favorites on YouTube.

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