YouTube Tests Redesigned Ad Skip Button: How This Change Could Affect Viewer Engagement and Advertising Revenue

YouTube is set to make skipping video ads a bit more challenging, which might not be great news for users who already dislike them. The platform is testing a redesigned ad skip button that is notably smaller in size, making it harder for users to easily locate and click on it.

The redesigned YouTube ad skip button will feature smaller text, devoid of capital letters in the word “Ads,” and will be more transparent in appearance. This strategic move by YouTube aims to encourage users to watch ads for a longer duration, ultimately increasing the platform’s ad revenue. This update aligns with YouTube’s goal of providing a consistent user experience and an updated visual appearance.

A spokesperson from YouTube mentioned:

“We’re testing an update to the design of the ‘Skip Ads’ button across all platforms. Our goal is to provide a more consistent user experience in line with the updated look and feel on YouTube we announced last year.”

This alteration could potentially enhance the platform’s ad view rates, extend its reach, and lead to higher conversions. Advertisers may find this change appealing, as it could increase overall revenue and user engagement on the platform.

According to Google Ads expert Thomas Eccel:

“Spotted this really tiny ‘Skip ads’ button, seems like Google is testing this new button. It has a new format and is way smaller than the normal ‘skip’ box. If this gets rolled out, it will impact the view rate and the spending of the campaign.”

Although currently being tested, the smaller skip ads button is expected to generate reactions and discussions once it becomes widely accessible to the public.

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