YouTube Testing Faster Hum-to-Search Song Feature

YouTube is currently testing a novel song search feature that utilizes humming to identify songs, and it’s notably faster than the similar functionality on Google Search.

Recently, YouTube unveiled a new experiment for Android users that allows them to search for songs by simply humming or playing a segment of the tune. This search feature is being rolled out to a limited group of users as part of a test phase. Users can identify a song by humming or playing a part of it for three or more seconds. Once recognized, YouTube will display official music content, user-generated videos, and Shorts related to the identified track.

If you’re part of the testing group, you can switch from YouTube’s voice search to this new song search feature. By humming or recording the song you’re seeking, the system will identify it based on the audio input. Subsequently, relevant content associated with the song will be presented within the YouTube app.

This functionality might sound familiar, and for good reason. Google Search introduced a “hum to search” feature for identifying songs back in late 2020.

Interestingly, YouTube’s current test is built on the same technology. According to Google, who confirmed this to TechCrunch, the underlying technology is identical, but YouTube’s implementation is notably faster. The “Hum to Search” feature on Google Assistant requires 15 seconds of audio to identify a song, while YouTube’s version can achieve the same result with just three seconds or more of audio input.

It will be intriguing to observe the comparison between these two functionalities and to anticipate when YouTube will roll out this humming-based song search to all of its users.

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