YouTube now allows you to discover a song by humming its melody.

YouTube is currently in the process of testing a groundbreaking new feature that enables users to locate songs by simply humming or singing them. While this feature is presently only accessible to a select group of users utilizing Android devices, it holds significant potential for changing the way we interact with music discovery.

To utilize this feature, users are required to hum or sing the desired song for a minimum of three seconds. This innovative experiment by Google’s platform, YouTube, showcases a significant leap forward when compared to other music recognition tools such as Apple’s Shazam.

The official announcement regarding this development was posted on Tuesday by the company on its dedicated ‘YouTube Test Features and Experiments’ page. This advancement in music search capabilities underscores the platform’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological exploration.

How it will work?

Activation: During this experimental phase, participants can opt to switch from the regular voice search to the innovative song search feature.

Usage: To utilize this feature, users are required to either hum, sing, or record a portion of the desired song. The duration of this audio input should be at least three seconds or longer.

Recognition: The platform’s advanced technology then identifies the melody present in the user’s audio input.

Search Results: Based on the recognized melody, the platform proceeds to display relevant YouTube videos that showcase the sought-after song. These search results might encompass a range of content, including official music videos, user-generated content, and Shorts.

Variety of Content: Users are presented with a selection of videos that match the identified song. This ensures that they can choose from different renditions, interpretations, and styles related to the searched melody.

Early Experimentation: While this feature is currently in its initial phase and is more of a playful experiment, it has already piqued the interest of Android users worldwide. A fortunate group of individuals is currently getting a firsthand experience of this musical innovation.

AI Integration: It’s important to highlight that YouTube is not only enhancing its music and content discovery capabilities but is also embracing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). This new feature underscores the platform’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of user interaction and technological advancement.

Earlier this month, the platform introduced a feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create video summaries. This innovative addition marks another step in the platform’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and engagement.

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