YouTube Music development team discusses what popular feature suggestions are not in development

In January, the YouTube music team asked users what features they wanted, and is now providing status updates on development team requests.

Some users really want a custom playlist cover art where they upload their photos. Google says it “isn’t currently working on this feature” but is “considering other ways to have [more] customization options for playlists you have.”

The team isn’t working on a separate YouTube music app for smart TVs and game consoles. They display content to keep this functionality live in the main YouTube app, while a suggestion was provided:

‏… The team started better casting from mobile apps, so you can use your mobile to control the search, browse, or playback experience on a full YouTube app — essentially the mobile app works as a remote (when connected) for smart TVs and the YouTube app for gaming consoles.

YouTube Music launched Background Play with ads for free users in Canada almost two years ago. It hasn’t expanded to any other country, and Google “has no plans for territorial expansion yet.”

Finally, Google “didn’t have any updates to share on [the following] yet”:

  • Turning off “viewer discretion” content warnings
  • High quality audio
  • Volume normalization
  • Improved upload and metadata editing options

In the results of a more positive YouTube music feature application, SleepTimer will come to other countries with the global launch of the podcast. It is currently available in “USA, including Canada and Latin America”.

In addition to featuring recently launched real-time songs, YouTube Music will soon add “song sharing.” Public play counts are also coming to “Top Songs and Public Playlists.”

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