YouTube introduces song search via tune humming.

YouTube has unveiled an intriguing new experiment that’s bound to resonate with music enthusiasts. The Google-owned platform has introduced a novel feature for Android devices that can identify songs through humming, marking a significant advancement compared to Apple’s music recognition app, Shazam.

The company made this announcement via its ‘YouTube test features and experiments’ page on Tuesday.

Here’s how the feature works

Participants in this experimental phase can seamlessly switch from the standard voice search to this innovative song search feature. Users simply need to hum, sing, or record a song for a duration of three seconds or more. The platform then employs its capabilities to recognize the melody and subsequently guides the user to pertinent YouTube videos showcasing the sought-after song. This can include the official music video, user-generated content, or Shorts.

Despite being in the initial stages of development, this charming feature has already captured the attention of Android users worldwide. A privileged group of individuals is currently experiencing this harmonious experiment firsthand.

It’s worth highlighting that YouTube isn’t solely refining its music and content discovery prowess; it’s also wholeheartedly embracing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, earlier this month, the platform introduced a feature that utilizes AI to automatically generate video summaries.

As YouTube continues to evolve its offerings, this innovative experiment showcases its commitment to fostering novel ways of interacting with music and content through technology.

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