YouTube Experimenting with Making the ‘Skip Ads’ Button Less Noticeable

  • Reducing Clicks for Increased Ad Revenue

For those without Premium or an ad blocker, the “skip ads” button on YouTube is one of the most frequently pressed buttons. Many of us have developed the habit of swiftly hitting this button as soon as it emerges, trimming valuable seconds from the time spent awaiting the actual content. Recently, YouTube has been experimenting with altering the appearance of this button, and it might soon become more challenging to activate.

A spokesperson from YouTube confirmed to Search Engine Land that the company is “testing an update to the design of the ‘Skip Ads’ button across all platforms.” The previous skip ads button was a distinctive box. The new version boasts a rounded background, eliminates capitalization from the word “Ads” in “Skip Ads,” is notably smaller, and possesses a higher degree of transparency. In essence, it’s now more difficult to click and seamlessly blends in.

The spokesperson elaborated, stating, “Our goal is to provide a more consistent user experience in line with the updated look and feel on YouTube we announced last year.” Meanwhile, Google Ads expert Thomas Eccel weighed in on the matter, suggesting that if the change is implemented, it could “affect the view rate and the spend of the campaigns,” presumably leading to increased ad revenue.

This alteration comes amid YouTube’s trials of various new measures to combat ad blocking. Initially, a popup emerged in May, informing users of the prohibition on ad blockers. Subsequently, the popup began granting users three strikes in June, eventually incorporating a timer earlier this month.

In fairness, these visual adjustments align with recent changes observed across Google’s offerings. As part of its endeavor to maintain consistency in the UI of its apps across different platforms, the company has introduced similar elements to other products. Examples include a rounded search bar in Maps and a transparent navigation bar in Chrome and the weather app. Although Google has not provided a specific rollout date for the smaller button, their official comment indicates that the change is likely approaching swiftly.

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