Xiaomi’s Initial Electric Car Spotted Once More, Anticipated Mass Production in 2024

Xiaomi’s maiden electric car, the MS11, has received the green light for production, marking a significant step forward. Currently undergoing rigorous climate testing, the vehicle is on track to be unveiled in the middle of 2024.

Following the receipt of production approval, renowned tech giant Xiaomi has introduced its maiden electric vehicle (EV) named the MS11, signifying a momentous stride in its EV business strategy. This achievement is a result of securing authorization for auto production from China’s state planning department.

Recent sightings of the camouflaged MS11 have unveiled its participation in rigorous climate testing on the Urumqi-Changji metropolitan freeway.

Having entered the EV market in early 2021, Xiaomi’s CEO and Program Head, Lei Jun, envisions the MS11 as an embodiment of futuristic automotive technology.

Although the company originally aimed for a mid-2024 launch for its EVs, recent developments suggest that Xiaomi is advancing ahead of its initial timeline. Lu Weibing, the head of Xiaomi’s foreign business, has expressed this accelerated progress.

In June, detailed specifications of the Xiaomi MS11’s battery were unveiled. Boasting a 101 kWh ternary (NMC) battery, the vehicle can achieve an impressive range of 800 km. The battery’s energy density stands at 157 Wh/kg, a figure considered average within the industry.

The forthcoming MS11 sedan is set to vie against models like the Tesla Model 3, BYD Seal, Deepal SL03, and various Chinese EV sedans, particularly concerning pricing.

The anticipated price tag for the MS11 is approximately Rs. 8.2 million.

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