WordPress Introduces 100-Year Domain Plan

Your Website Could Outlast You

If the thought of your website’s longevity concerns you, WordPress has a solution: the 100-Year Plan.

Usually, domain registrations are limited to ten years. However, with this unique plan, WordPress will handle both the registration and hosting of your website for an entire century, implying that it’s likely to outlast your lifetime.

While it could certainly be employed to showcase your collection of Beanie Babies, the core concept behind this service is to provide companies and families with a means to preserve content across generations. The company proposes various potential use cases for the service, including ‘families aiming to safeguard their digital possessions — stories, photos, sounds, and videos — for the benefit of future generations,’ as well as ‘entrepreneurs seeking to secure and chronicle their company’s history, present, and future.’

Under this plan, clients will receive not only a century-long domain registration but also WordPress hosting, complete with unlimited bandwidth and round-the-clock personalized support. WordPress ensures content safety by maintaining multiple backups across dispersed data centers. If your content is public, the platform will even automatically submit your site to the Internet Archive. Moreover, ownership protocols are established, enabling you to transfer URL ownership to a successor, whether it’s a child or a new individual, a provision that’s likely to become valuable over time.

As one might anticipate, this plan doesn’t come at a low cost. The 100-Year plans are priced at $38,000, resulting in an annual fee of $380. While this expense could be justifiable for sizable enterprises aiming to safeguard their heritage, it might render the service unattainable for numerous families and individuals

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