WhatsApp’s updated settings UI is expanding in beta rollout.


The latest beta release of WhatsApp is bringing forth a revamped user interface (UI) for pivotal settings and the chats list. This includes the introduction of a dedicated page named “You,” offering convenient access to account-related information. Alongside this, several visual improvements have been implemented, such as relocating the user’s profile image to the upper-right corner of the app’s homescreen.

Furthermore, this update addresses a widget-related problem and introduces fresh icons to the Account page. These changes indicate a broader overhaul of the app’s visual aesthetics and overall user experience. Users can now easily navigate to the Settings page with a single tap, making the management of preferences and account details more seamless than before.

WhatsApp’s frequent release of new updates can sometimes be quite challenging to keep up with. Not all updates are created equal, but some have the power to substantially transform the way we interact with the messaging application. An example of this is the recent inclusion of the ability to share HD-quality videos, a feature that followed the capability to send high-resolution images. Currently, we’re in the process of uncovering a couple of fresh visual enhancements being introduced to the app via the latest beta update. This update introduces a rejuvenated user interface (UI) for vital settings and the chats list, signifying WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience.

These enhancements are apparently included in the WhatsApp beta for Android version To begin with, the upper bar on the app’s homescreen now showcases the user’s profile image situated in the right corner. A simple tap on this image reveals a dedicated page referred to as “You.” This page serves as a comprehensive hub for all pertinent account details, presenting convenient shortcuts to the user’s profile, privacy settings, and contact information.

Below these elements, you will notice the remainder of the app’s settings, including categories like Starred Messages, Account, Chats, and Notifications, among others. These are all prominently displayed in the screenshots provided. Additionally, the user’s profile image featured on this page is accompanied by a QR code shortcut placed on the surface. It’s worth noting that in previous versions of the app, the QR code shortcut was positioned farther to the right, as shown in the image below.

A particularly noteworthy feature is the convenience of accessing the Settings page directly from the chats list by simply tapping the profile icon. In its previous iteration, WhatsApp required users to tap the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner and then select “Settings” to access this page.

In addition to these appealing visual improvements, the reliable source WABetaInfo has highlighted that the Account page within the settings menu now includes a couple of fresh icons. This suggests that the application, owned by Meta, is implementing comprehensive alterations to its overall appearance and user experience.

Lastly, this version of WhatsApp’s beta seems to address an issue concerning the app’s widget. It appears that the widget was previously unable to refresh chats as intended. The mentioned source indicates that this update is currently being rolled out to beta testers through the Google Play Store and is expected to be more widely available shortly.

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