WhatsApp Rolls Out HD Video Support Now

Exciting big news here! WhatsApp has, at long last, introduced support for HD videos! Rest assured, you haven’t stumbled into a time warp back to 2005; it’s still the year 2023. Surprisingly, one of the world’s foremost messaging platforms is just now incorporating a feature of this nature.

Just last week, WhatsApp belatedly incorporated support for high-resolution images. During that update, the company made a commitment to bring similar capabilities to videos in the future.

Indeed, the moment has arrived. The rollout of HD video support has commenced, albeit in a phased manner. It may take some time before you spot the HD video feature on your account. Fret not, as both iOS and Android devices will receive this update.

Image Credits: Gsmarena

Thanks to this addition, you now have the option to share videos in 720p resolution, a notable improvement from the previous sole choice of 480p. To utilize this feature, simply select the videos you wish to share, tap the fresh HD button positioned at the screen’s top, and then confirm whether you’d like to share them in Standard Quality or HD Quality (equivalent to 480p or 720p) in the ensuing dialog box. This dialog also presents the respective file sizes, assisting you in making an informed decision.

Much like HD images, as well as all images and videos, the HD videos exchanged on WhatsApp are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption. The recipient of an HD video will be able to discern its quality through an accompanying HD badge.

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