WhatsApp now allows you to send high-definition (HD) videos.

WhatsApp now allows you to send high-definition (HD) videos.

A few weeks following the introduction of HD photo support, Meta’s WhatsApp now enables users to transmit videos in high-definition (HD) resolution.

Upon updating to the most recent app version, when attempting to forward a video to another user, an additional “HD” option will appear at the top. By selecting this option, users can opt to send the video in either “standard quality,” commonly at 480p resolution, or “HD quality,” denoting a resolution of 720p.

Sorry, sending 4K videos is not supported. Credit: Stan Schroeder/WhatsApp

Unluckily sending videos at qualities beyond this limitation isn’t feasible. Even if the original video is in full HD (1080p) or 4K (2160p) resolution, WhatsApp’s highest available resolution remains at 720p.

During the selection of video quality, WhatsApp will caution you that videos in standard quality consume “less storage space” and can be sent “more quickly.” You’ll also be able to observe the contrast in file sizes between the two choices.

Similar to the procedure for sending HD photos, setting HD quality as the default option isn’t an option; it must be manually chosen each time you wish to transmit a video in higher quality.

Certainly, considering that the majority of modern smartphones capture videos in HD quality as the default setting, the ability to retain a portion of that quality when sharing videos through WhatsApp is certainly appreciated.

Regarding my own experience, I have access to both the HD photo and HD video sending functions on iOS using WhatsApp version 23.17.0. However, the company has announced that these features will be gradually introduced “in the upcoming weeks.” As a result, it might take some time before all users can access these features within their applications.

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