WhatsApp is planning a major redesign for its Android app. Check it out!

WhatsApp doesn’t believe in wasting time launching new features. We’ve seen a new Mac app, screen sharing feature, and the ability to send HD images, among other things, and now, rumored, a major redesign is being developed for its Android app. See below what might change.

WhatsApp continues to work on new Android design

A recent report by WA Beta Info revealed that the Meta-owned messaging platform is testing a new beta update for its Android app, version, which will include a white top bar in green as opposed to the current one. The editing material is based on Design 3.

But the green isn’t going completely. Some UI elements will be painted green such as the WhatsApp logo (which will show a change in font), ‘Archived icon’, ‘New Chat’ icon, and more. The new design also features a navigation bar at the bottom, rumors of which are also circulating. The idea is to combine WhatsApp’s design across all platforms, given that the iOS app already has a navigation bar at the bottom.

In addition, we’ll see new ‘all’, ‘read’, ‘personal’ and ‘business’ filter options at the top of the chat, making it easier for you to sort your messages and streamline things. Similar changes are expected to come for WhatsApp’s iOS app as well, making things the same for the messaging platform on both Android and iOS.

Source: WA Beta Info

We can also expect this on WhatsApp’s Windows and Mac apps when it becomes officially available but we’re not very sure. These changes are still being tested and there is no word on when they will come into effect. This is likely to happen soon, so it would be better to wait for more details to arrive. Until then, stay tuned for more updates, and share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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