WhatsApp introducing new features HD videos and text formatting choices

Just a few days ago, WhatsApp introduced the capability to send and receive images with higher resolutions through its Android and iOS applications. Now, the company has confirmed the commencement of the rollout for sending HD-resolution videos in its updated apps, alongside the addition of expanded text formatting options.

The messaging platform owned by Meta, WhatsApp, has verified to TechCrunch that it has initiated the release of an updated version of its application, ushering in the feature to send HD videos. Specifically, videos can now possess a resolution of up to 1,280 x 720 pixels, an upgrade from the previous resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. Upon selecting the desired video for sending, users can tap on the HD icon located at the top of the screen, thereby activating the HD resolution setting.

Incorporating a practical aspect, users will observe an HD badge adjacent to the video. This empowers users to decide between SD (Standard Definition) or HD versions of the video, a useful feature for those who might prefer a lower resolution to save storage space on their devices. While this option might not yet be accessible to all users, the rollout is possibly being executed in phases, and the majority of users can anticipate gaining access to this new feature within the forthcoming days. It’s noteworthy that the company has been testing this feature for a span of two months prior to its release.

Moreover, WhatsApp is also in the process of testing expanded text formatting options, as reported by WABetaInfo. Currently, users can employ formatting options like bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline to stylize their text. However, the upcoming update is poised to introduce the ability to incorporate bullet points, code blocks, and quote blocks into the text, enhancing users’ options for presenting content in a visually appealing manner.

This dual enhancement, encompassing the transmission of HD videos and enriched text formatting choices, underscores WhatsApp’s dedication to enhancing the user experience and offering a more versatile and engaging communication platform.


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