WhatsApp Introduces HD Video Sharing Feature


  • How you send and receive images in HD?
  • WhatsApp now lets you share videos in high definition.
  • Just as you can send and receive high-resolution images

Step by Step Guidlines

To share videos in high definition, follow these steps: When uploading a video, tap the ‘HD’ button located at the top of the screen. This action will reveal the option to share the video in ‘HD Quality,’ along with the corresponding file size. WhatsApp has now introduced the capability to share videos in high definition, although the quality is capped at 720p.

WhatsApp is in the process of rolling out an update that allows users to share videos in HD. Just a week ago, the popular messaging platform unveiled a new feature enabling users to send high-resolution images, with plans to extend this enhancement to video sharing.

TechCrunch recently received confirmation from Meta-owned WhatsApp that the option to share and receive HD videos is currently being deployed for both Android and iOS users.

Much like the process for sending high-definition images, the HD video feature can be activated when you’re about to share a video with others. While videos were previously limited to 480p resolution, users can now select the 720p option.

To share videos in HD, simply tap the ‘HD’ button located at the top of the screen during video upload. This will present the choice to share in ‘HD Quality,’ along with details about the file size.

Similar to the end-to-end encryption safeguarding text messages, calls, and images, videos are also protected. When someone shares an HD video, a small ‘HD’ badge appears on the bottom left corner of the message thumbnail, indicating the video’s enhanced quality.

In addition to this update, WhatsApp has unveiled an array of new features for its messaging application this month. These include the capability to share screens during video calls, engage in voice chats within groups, edit captions for sent media, and even create groups without designated names, among various others.

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