WhatsApp Introduces Feature Enabling Sharing of High-Definition Videos

Following the recent introduction of the capability to share high-definition photos earlier this month, the messaging application has now incorporated the functionality to share high-definition videos as well.

Much like the process of sending images in high-definition, the HD video feature can be activated by toggling it on just before you proceed to share the video with others.

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What you need to know

WhatsApp enthusiasts can at last partake in the sharing of their preferred videos in 720p high-definition (HD) format. This attribute is presently in the course of gradual deployment for both Android and iOS gadgets. The procedural steps mirror the familiar pattern observed in the realm of HD photo sharing.

WhatsApp has recently implemented an enhancement that allows users to share photographs in high-definition (HD) quality, alongside the conventional “standard” quality. While this modification was indeed a welcomed development, the platform under the aegis of Meta is now unveiling the capacity to distribute videos in HD resolution.

On a recent Friday, the corporation verified the commencement of this feature’s dissemination to TechCrunch. This novel addition empowers WhatsApp patrons to reap the advantages of HD video sharing, affording them a resolution of 720p—marking a notable leap from the preceding “standard” caliber fixed at 480p.

Anticipations for this feature were substantiated, as it had been previously introduced in the beta iteration of the messaging platform back in July. The procedure for partaking in HD video sharing closely mirrors the steps involved in sharing HD images.

Users will notice a new “HD” button once they’ve chosen the specific video they wish to share with their contacts. This “HD” button can be located within the editing screen, accessible subsequent to selecting the desired media for sharing. Upon selecting this button, users will be presented with a range of resolution choices.

By default, the standard 480p version will be displayed alongside the newly introduced HD 720p version, whenever either or both are available. Users hold the option to make their selection between the two options, with the respective file sizes being clearly indicated prior to initiating the sharing process. Upon successfully transmitting the HD video, the recipient will also be able to discern that the video has been shared in high definition, as denoted by the “HD” watermark visibly incorporated into the video.

It is important to note that these features could potentially be influenced by the particular version of the application in use.

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It’s imperative for users to be cognizant that, in addition to the augmented file size (owing to its HD nature), the process of disseminating substantial files demands a considerable amount of time, as opposed to the swifter data transfer characteristic of the standard quality alternative that occupies less space. Nevertheless, the gratification of sharing cherished videos in an enhanced and more vivid format with friends and family within the prevalent community groups on the platform remains a source of delight.

Furthermore, as mentioned during the HD image-sharing update by Will Cathcart, WhatsApp’s head, the inclusion of the capability to transmit videos of higher quality was a fervently requested aspect. The proactive approach taken by WhatsApp to heed user feedback and introduce features that have already been present in some of the foremost messaging platforms is commendable.

TechCrunch has reported that this feature is currently making its way onto devices, with certain users already having the privilege of sharing HD videos. The rollout encompasses both Android devices and iOS smartphones in a synchronized manner. Lastly, akin to photos and standard videos, HD videos shared on the platform are also fortified by end-to-end encryption.

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