WhatsApp for Android is receiving a fresh interface overhaul, expected to roll out later in 2023.

WhatsApp is in the process of revamping its Android interface, with an expected release date toward the end of 2023, according to the latest update from the WhatsApp Beta Channel. This redesign is specifically intended for the Android version of WhatsApp.

In the provided image, you can observe that WhatsApp is introducing a new look with a white top app bar and a green logo text. The lower status panel is also changing to white, and various other adjustments are being made, including the addition of label cells for categories like “all,” “unread,” “personal,” and “business” conversations.

These label cells are designed to enhance conversation filtering, making it easier for users to locate specific chats within WhatsApp. While the design appears sleek, some refinements might be needed to enhance the differentiation between these labels. The green color used for the “All” cell, for instance, doesn’t stand out significantly from the gray of unselected cells.

It’s crucial to note that this is just a preliminary preview, and further alterations are likely before the design reaches the Beta Channel. The anticipated rollout for the new WhatsApp Android interface is scheduled before the conclusion of this year.

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