WhatsApp announces introduction of original quality photo and video sharing feature

WhatsApp has recently introduced so many new features that users have been demanding for a long time. The app has also gone through some UI and UX changes based on material design 3 guidelines.

Now WhatsApp has released a new beta update, version According to WA Beta Info, the main feature of this update is the ability for users to send photos and videos in their original quality. This follows the previous beta version that introduced sending high-quality photos to a limited group of testers.

WhatsApp will soon allow photos and videos to be sent to their original quality

Historically, WhatsApp has faced criticism for compressing images, often leading to a lack of clarity and loss of short details. Even the recent ‘high quality’ photo sharing feature was no exception to light compression. But the upcoming update promises to change that narrative. Insiders and screenshots show that WhatsApp is approaching the full release of the original Quality Media Sharing option.

The upcoming feature promises a seamless user experience. This app will provide a simple entry point in the document selector for selecting photos and videos from gallery. Despite being labeled as ‘documents’, the process has been improved to avoid unnecessary navigation by menus or folders. In summary, users can easily share the media in its original quality with minimal effort.

Currently, this eagerly awaited feature is still in its development phase. Additionally, WhatsApp continues to innovate, with the latest beta updates indicating a new calling interface, artificial intelligence-generated stickers, and the ability to schedule group calls.

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