Samsung Introduces Revolutionary Odyssey Neo G9 57” Dual UHD Gaming Monitor

Samsung Introduces Revolutionary Odyssey Neo G9 57” Dual UHD Gaming Monitor

Samsung is unveiling a groundbreaking advancement in gaming monitors with the debut of the Odyssey Neo G9 57” – the world’s first Dual Ultra-High-Definition (DUHD) gaming monitor. Unveiled at Gamescom 2023, this innovative monitor sets a new standard for immersive gaming experiences and next-generation gaming performance.

James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Display & Home Entertainment Divisions at Samsung Electronics America, expressed, “We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of gaming monitors to meet the demands of modern gamers – offering larger screen sizes with ultra-high resolution for the latest games. As a leader in gaming display technology, we’re providing more screen options than ever before, from desktop monitors to large displays. The Neo G9 57” and the 2023 Ark offer gamers unparalleled immersion and exceptional picture quality, tailored to any style of gameplay.”

Transforming Gaming with Odyssey Neo G9 57”

Designed to elevate gaming performance and provide a competitive edge, the Odyssey Neo G9 57” (G95NC) revolutionizes visual experiences for gamers. Equipped with the world’s first Dual UHD screen, this monitor secured the prestigious Best of Innovation Award at CES 2023.

With a 1000R curvature, the 57” 32:9 screen spans the width of two 32” UHD monitors, enveloping users in sharp visuals and an expansive field of view, immersing them in games like never before.

Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology empowers Quantum Mini LED lighting in the screen, delivering discreet dimming zones for enhanced contrast and minimized blooming, resulting in better distinction between light and dark screen areas.

Combining Quantum Mini LED lighting with VESA Display HDR™1000, the Odyssey Neo G9 57” achieves a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, presenting HDR content vividly and lifelike, with precise color and contrast reproduction, along with heightened color expression and depth.

The gaming performance matches the visual excellence, ensuring gamers reach their full potential. A rapid 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response time minimize blurring and ghosting, enabling instantaneous reactions and seamless gameplay. AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro guarantees a stable, stutter-free picture.

The Odyssey Neo G9 57” incorporates VESA-certified DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity, facilitating smooth gaming, efficient video playback, and the Neo G9’s DUHD resolution with a refresh rate of up to 240Hz. In addition to DP2.1, HDMI 2.1 and a USB hub are provided, reducing clutter while enhancing gaming experiences.

Scott Herkelman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Graphics Business Unit at AMD, stated, “Samsung’s integration of DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity into their premium gaming monitor opens new avenues for gamers. Greater bandwidth, higher speeds, and faster refresh rates offer unprecedented levels of performance and visual fidelity in games. The combined power of Samsung’s new displays and AMD’s Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards promises the most vivid and immersive gaming experiences to date.”

Enhanced Connectivity and Ultimate Entertainment with Odyssey Ark

The Odyssey Ark 55”, the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen, has been enhanced based on gamers’ feedback. This upgraded model builds upon the original Odyssey Ark’s success, featuring connectivity, convenience, and performance-focused features for ultimate entertainment.

Featuring a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG response time, the monitor empowers gamers with a competitive edge, while Cockpit Mode introduces new perspectives through vertical orientation.

The 2023 Odyssey Ark (G97NC) introduces the Samsung Multi View, allowing users to view up to 4 inputs on screen simultaneously. This feature enhances split-screen capabilities and desk organization, streamlining gaming experiences. Additionally, the new DP input supports 4K UHD streams for high-quality entertainment.

The Odyssey Ark becomes more than a gaming theater; it becomes a unified hub for all computer needs. The added Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) switch feature transforms the Ark into a single command station, streamlining multitasking across devices.

Availability and Celebration

The Odyssey Neo G9 57” will be available for purchase in October for $2,499.99 on and select U.S. retailers. Additionally, the Odyssey Odyssey Twitch channel is celebrating the launch with Odyssey Evolves, where renowned streamers will play popular games and offer prizes, including a $10,000 gaming setup featuring the Odyssey Neo G9.

(*Note: Actual response time, support, and refresh rate may vary by content, monitor settings, and graphics card compatibility.)

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