Samsung Electronics launches new ‘Samsung Eco Friends’ accessories with eco-friendly values and personality

Samsung Electronics will introduce the new ‘Samsung Eco-Friends’ accessory with eco-friendly values to more than 40 countries around the world, and will be officially sold in Korea on the 17th.

‘Samsung Eco Friends’ is an accessory such as mobile phone cases and wearable straps that debuted last year, and uses materials such as recycled plastics and vegan leather, including more than 40% PCM (Post Consumer Material), to pursue Samsung’s eco-friendly vision of ‘Everyday Sustainability’.

PCM (post-spent material) specific gravity is calculated as the volume occupied by the product

In addition, Samsung Electronics’ Future Generation Lab, which is composed of employees in their 20s, reflects the values and tendencies of the younger generation, and contributes to win-win cooperation by helping partners expand their sales channels through the Samsung Mobile Accessories Partnership Program (SMAPP).

Samsung Electronics has teamed up with mobile accessory company Slash B Slash to introduce 8 types of accessories in Korea that apply 55 IP (intellectual property rights), including works and characters by popular artists such as  Toilet Paper, Keith Haring, and Smiley, as well as K-pop-related BTS Dynamite and Stray Kids.

Release date and release product types may vary by country

The double Toilet Paper Edition features designs from the Italian creative studio, which is known for its original and sensual style, and includes a rose graphic that was newly unveiled this year, as well as a lipstick graphic that is popular with the MZ generation.

The ‘Samsung Eco Friends’ accessory can be purchased at Samsung Electronics’ experiential flagship store ‘Samsung Gangnam’ and Slash Bee Slash Online Mall (

Customers can choose from mobile products such as the “Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5”, “Galaxy Tab S9”, “Galaxy Watch 6”, and “Galaxy Buds 2 Pro”, as well as the “Samsung Eco Friends” accessory that matches the portable screen “The Freestyle”.

In particular, the Galaxy Z Flip5 accessory adds to the charm of the foldable phone through various screen-themed content.

In the case of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 case, you can automatically apply a screen theme that matches the case through the built-in QR code. Customers who use a Flipsuit case based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology can purchase an Echo Friends Flipsuit Card to customize the case and enjoy a new experience that automatically plays the theme of the screen.

Samsung Electronics plans to continue to discover recyclable materials that can be applied in the future and expand the ‘Samsung Eco Friends’ accessories to work with customers to protect the environment and strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

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