PTA Successfully Resolved 98.7% of Consumer Complaints within a 12-Month Period

PTA Achieves High Consumer Complaint Resolution Rate and Prime Minister’s Platform Engagement

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has demonstrated its commitment to consumer satisfaction by successfully addressing a significant majority of consumer complaints. In the past year, PTA impressively resolved 98.7 percent of the complaints it received.

Among the total complaints, a notable 37.4 percent were fully resolved, while 7.2 percent were partially addressed. However, 12.3 percent of complaints lacked complete information, leading to the drop of 4.8 percent of complaints due to insufficient details.

PTA’s achievements extend over a two-year period, where it achieved an outstanding 99.5 percent resolution rate for consumer complaints. Out of the 397,197 complaints registered between 2021 and 2023, a remarkable 399,232 were successfully dealt with by PTA.

Remarkably, PTA maintained a flawless record in the most recent year, addressing all the 218,630 complaints lodged in 2021-22 and resolving 178,549 out of 180,602 complaints in 2022-23.

Furthermore, PTA actively engages on the Prime Minister’s platform for public complaint resolution through the Pakistan Citizen Portal. With a commendable 99.4 percent complaint resolution rate on this platform, PTA’s efforts are yielding results in terms of citizen satisfaction, which stands at 60 percent.

PTA’s approach to handling complaints centers around customer empowerment, transparency, and accessibility. Consumers can report complaints through the toll-free number 0800-55055, operational seven days a week during working hours. Online complaints can also be lodged via the PTA’s official website or a dedicated email address.

In its pursuit of efficient and effective complaint resolution, PTA’s dedication to consumer welfare and continuous improvement remains steadfast.

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