Moisturiser in face pack, how to use ghee for glossy skin

Ghee is abundant in omega fatty acids, which play a pivotal role in neutralizing harmful free radicals while providing nourishment to your skin. Its presence aids in transforming lackluster skin into a vibrant and healthy complexion, further enriched by the inclusion of Vitamin A.

Everyone aspires to exude beauty and confidence through their skin, yet many individuals often resort to the use of chemical-laden creams and ointments in their pursuit of enhancement. However, relying on such chemical products can potentially result in undesirable side effects. Fortunately, there exists an ingredient that is readily available in almost every household, offering a promising and natural alternative.

Ancient home remedies often stand the test of time, and one such remarkable ingredient is ghee. A household essential with a history spanning centuries, ghee is revered for its multifaceted benefits for the body.

The process of crafting ghee typically involves heat-driven separation of milk solids, yielding a fragrant liquid characterized by its charmingly nutty flavor. Notably, ghee boasts the advantage of being storable without the need for refrigeration. Let’s delve into the array of benefits that ghee offers.


Enriched with omega fatty acids, ghee proves to be a potent ally in neutralizing free radicals while bestowing nourishment upon your skin. Its transformative prowess is especially evident in its ability to rejuvenate lackluster skin, infusing it with newfound vitality. Notably, ghee also harbors Vitamin A, a key contributor to skin hydration. To harness its benefits, blend two to three spoons of ghee with aloe vera gel and gently apply the mixture to your face.

Treats chapped lips

Ghee serves as a remedy for healing dry and chapped lips. Before retiring for the night, apply two to three drops of ghee to your lips. This simple practice can work wonders in achieving soft and naturally pink lips.

Body scrub

Creating a body scrub with ghee involves a straightforward process. Begin by combining two spoons of ghee, along with coconut milk, one spoon of sugar, and one spoon of gram flour, forming a cohesive paste. Once prepared, apply this paste onto your body, gently massaging it in circular motions. Following the massage, proceed to take a bath, completing the revitalizing skincare routine.

Hand cream

Blend two to three spoons of ghee with coconut oil to form a paste. Alternatively, you can opt for almond oil instead of coconut oil. This mixture serves as a homemade hand cream. Apply it to your hands and gently massage for a few seconds, enjoying the moisturizing benefits it offers.

Face pack

Ghee plays a pivotal role in revitalizing and moisturizing your skin. Its potential for imparting a radiant glow makes it an excellent choice for a homemade face mask. For this, combine two spoons of ghee with two spoons of gram flour, ensuring a thorough mix to achieve a smooth paste. Introduce a pinch of turmeric and apply this concoction onto your face. Allow it to sit for a minimum of 15 minutes before rinsing your face with cold water. The immediate rejuvenation and the newfound radiance on your skin will be palpable and refreshing.

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