Microsoft Paint to Receive AI-Powered Image Creation Using Text

The pervasive influence of AI in the technology sector continues, and now Microsoft Paint is gearing up to join the AI revolution.

Reports from Windows Central suggest that Microsoft is actively exploring ways to integrate AI-driven features into the Windows 11 iteration of the Paint app. These potential enhancements might encompass the ability to generate a canvas based on a provided text prompt.

Insiders familiar with the matter have shared with Windows Central that the AI functionality is expected to utilize the same technology that underpins Bing’s Image Creator tool. This particular tool is capable of crafting an image solely based on a given description.

To offer a sneak peek into the forthcoming AI integration, the Windows Central report showcases an internal mock-up of the potential feature. The interface reveals a button labeled “Magic Paint” along with a sidebar that allows users to input an image description for the purpose of generating it. The generated image can then be transferred onto the canvas, providing room for potential adjustments. However, the exact workings of the process remain under wraps.

Beyond the realm of Paint, Microsoft has broader plans to infuse AI capabilities into other applications, including Photos, the Camera app, and the Snipping Tool. In the case of Photos, this could involve introducing a novel feature that identifies individuals or objects within a photo, enabling easy cutting and pasting to different areas.

For the Snipping Tool and Camera app, Microsoft is reportedly contemplating the integration of optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This addition could empower both applications to recognize and extract text present in photographs or screenshots.

While the official introduction of these enhancements remains uncertain, the prospect isn’t surprising given Microsoft’s continuous introduction of various AI tools over the past year. As the AI wave continues to shape the technology landscape, the integration of AI-driven features into everyday applications like Microsoft Paint showcases the ongoing evolution of software capabilities.

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