Microsoft Explores AI Integration for Apps in Windows 11, Including Paint and Photos

Microsoft Explores AI Integration for Apps in Windows 11, Including Paint and Photos

  • Microsoft is taking strides to infuse AI capabilities into various aspects of Windows, signaling a broader embrace of AI-enhanced functionalities.
  • Recent reports highlight Microsoft’s ongoing experimentation with AI integration within Windows 11, extending beyond standalone AI-focused products.
  • The exploration encompasses apps like Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint, as sources indicate.

For the Photos app, Microsoft is actively developing an AI feature that would facilitate object and person identification within photos. This functionality would empower users to seamlessly extract and paste these identified elements into other contexts. This aligns with features already present in iOS and Android platforms.

Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is also in line for an AI boost, with sources revealing Microsoft’s plans to incorporate optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This advancement would enable Windows to detect text within screenshots, streamlining clipboard copying. Additionally, OCR is poised to make an appearance in the Camera app, allowing users to select and interact with text captured in device photos.

Paint app

Microsoft’s exploration doesn’t end there. The company has been experimenting with the integration of generative AI into the Windows 11 Paint app. Users might soon be able to command Paint to create canvases based on specific criteria provided by the user, resembling the functionality of Bing Image Creator. Sources suggest that the AI integration for Paint will rely on the same technology underpinning Bing’s capabilities.

While the exact timeline and rollout of these AI integrations remain uncertain, Microsoft’s commitment to exploring AI-driven enhancements within Windows 11 is evident. The company is set to host an event on September 21, where it’s anticipated to unveil new Surface hardware and delve into further discussions about AI in the Windows ecosystem.

Looking forward, sources hint at a more comprehensive incorporation of AI experiences in the next major platform release of Windows, expected in 2024. While the AI capabilities in Windows 11 are currently at a surface level, Microsoft’s vision points toward a more profound integration of AI across the platform in the future. Stay tuned for more insights on this topic, and share your excitement for Microsoft’s AI endeavors for Windows 11 by leaving a comment below!

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