Is the Samsung Galaxy Ring poised for an imminent release?

A slew of recent trademark filings could indicate its arrival

If I were to wager on the upcoming trend in wearable technology, my bet would be on the emergence of smart rings. Pioneered by brands like Oura, these devices compactly bring health tracking and metrics to a much smaller and sleeker form factor.

In recent weeks, whispers have been circulating about both an Apple Smart Ring and a Samsung Galaxy Ring. This carries significant weight—once industry giants enter the scene, adoption by the masses tends to accelerate.

Fresh insights have now surfaced about the latter option—the Samsung Galaxy Ring. These insights might suggest that a launch is on the horizon. A report from the Dutch publication GalaxyClub reveals that Samsung has secured trademarks for a variety of potential names for the device.

The name “Galaxy Ring” has been in the picture for a while, but Samsung has recently augmented their portfolio with a host of additional monikers. This list includes One, Pulse, Rhythm, Circle, Index, and Insight. Joining the lineup are three more: Feel, Curio, and Glia. The rationale behind these last three is somewhat elusive.

Amidst this influx of names, there’s a sense of optimism. While it’s difficult to predict the exact timeline for its release, it’s evident that the brand is investing effort into this endeavor. This provides grounds to speculate that a launch could be on the horizon.

Personally, I’m quite enthusiastic about this potential development. While I appreciate the health data that a smartwatch can provide, I’m not fond of wearing one. The prospect of having similar insights from a wearable ring is indeed appealing.

At present, official details about the device’s appearance remain scarce. Though there have been discussions about its development process in past leaks, we have yet to unveil any design drawings or renders.

This isn’t the case with the Apple ring. Several patent applications have offered a glimpse into what the Apple device might look like. The most recent render showcases a stationary inner band complemented by a rotating outer band that facilitates navigation through associated apps.

It’s important to note that such a mechanism might not necessarily be replicated in the Samsung model. If a similar concept were in the works, it’s likely that word would have surfaced through one channel or another.

Ultimately, we’ll have to bide our time for the unveiling. Rest assured, we’ll be diligently watching for more insights as the months unfold.

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