Instagram deletes Apple CEO Tim Cook’s fake account, followed by senior VPs

Instagram deletes Apple CEO Tim Cook’s fake account

The first post from Tim Cook’s fake Instagram account came out on August 20 to celebrate World Photography Day. These were two photos taken from the iPhone.

In short

  • Tim Cook’s fake account briefly appeared on Instagram.
  • This account was even followed by some Apple VPs.
  • This account has now been deleted by Instagram.

Instagram has successfully removed a fake account impersonating Apple CEO Tim Cook. The account, identified by Nine to Five Macs, had followers, including Apple VPs such as Lisa Jackson (Apple VP for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives) and Alan Dye (Human Interface Design). The fake account was operated under the username “Tim de Cook”. Despite the debate it has generated, it’s worth noting that Kick is only using Twitter (now X) since 9.

Apple maintains its official social media presence on multiple platforms. It should be noted that many senior Apple executives work on various social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. However, Cook’s active presence remains on X.

The fake Tim Cook account also posted some photos. The first post came on August 20 to celebrate World Photography Day. These were two photos taken from the iPhone. The second post was published on August 23, a 30-second ad for the campaign in partnership with 3D Pets. Both posts were copied from Cook’s official X page. Both posts have the camera and lidar capabilities of the iPhone <> Pro.

Image: 9 to 5 Macs

Although Cook is quite active on X, he has criticized the design of the social media platform. In a conversation with CNBC in 2021, Cook said that “mindless scrolling” affects mental health. “I think it’s bad for your mental health. I think it’s bad for the people around you. “‏

Cook has also been vocal about Meta’s (formerly Facebook) privacy practices. For example, Apple introduced the anti-tracking feature with iOS 14.5 in 2021. The feature was criticised by Meta as it potentially hurt ad revenue. Interestingly, KickMeta’s newly launched Twitter competitors don’t even use threads.

In another news related to Apple, the company may launch four new iPhones (under the iPhone 15 family) on September 12. The new iPhones may include new chipsets and improved cameras. Additionally, the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus also have a new notch design similar to the dynamic notch introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The latter has less space on the display and can adjust the size based on notifications.

Apple is also expected to launch new models of the Apple Watch next month. We can expect the company to launch three smartwatches — Apple Watch 9, Watch SE (2023) and Watch Ultra (2023). Apple may also launch new Macs with M3 chips in October. The next-generation iPad Pros may launch early next year. Apple has not yet confirmed the launch of its new product.

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