Honda 125 2024 Model Price in Pakistan, Specs & Expected Features

‎If we say that Honda 125 is the most popular 125cc motorcycle and is one of the two most liked motorcycles in Pakistan, then it would not be a lie. It’s been here for many years but the company hasn’t made any major changes (other than graphics). There is a lot of room for improvement and customers want Honda’s new 150 2024 model to come with many changes. You may be thinking about the price, features and expected features of Honda 125 2024 in Pakistan. Well! We have listed customer expectations from the upcoming model.‎ So Expected price is PKR 234,900.

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Specifications and New Features of Honda CG 125 2024 Model‎

‎Before we talk about the expectations from the Honda CG 125 2024 model, it is important to look at the features and features of the current Honda 125 models. So, let’s discuss them here.‎

Honda CG 125 Specs and Features:

Dimension(LxWxH) 1912 x 735 x 1026 mm
Seat Height 764 mm
Ground Clearance 132 mm
Wheel Base 1204 mm
Dry Weight 100kg
Colors Red & Black
Petrol Capacity 9.2L
Tire (Front) 2.50 – 18 (4 PR)
Tire (Back) 3.00 – 17 (6 PR)
Suspension Front Telescopic Fork 103 mm Travel
Suspension Back Swing Arm 68 mm Travel
Engine 4-Stroke 125cc OHV Air Cooled
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Starting Kick Start
Transmission 4 Speed Constant Mesh

‎Honda CG 125 2024 Price in Pakistan‎

‎Honda CG 125 model is priced at ‎‎PKR 234,900 in Pakistan.‎‎As it has been recently increased, we can expect the company to launch the Honda 2024 model at the same price.‎

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‎Expectations from Honda CG 125 2024 model‎

Honda 125 SE Specs and Features

Dimension(LxWxH) 1912 x 727 x 1029 mm
Seat Height 765 mm
Ground Clearance 133 mm
Wheel Base 1212 mm
Dry Weight 108kg
Colors Matte Black & Red
Petrol Capacity 9.2 Liters
Tire (Front) 2.50 – 18 (38P)
Tire (Back) 3.00 – 17  (50P)
Suspension Front Telescopic Fork 103 mm Travel
Suspension Back Swing Arm 70 mm Travel
Engine 4 Stroke 125cc OHV Air Cooled
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Starting Self-Start / Kick Start
Transmission 5 Speed Constant Mesh
  • ‎A new design (body)‎
  • ‎The shape of the new headlight and taillight‎
  • ‎More Colors‎
  • ‎Low vibration (with balancer)‎
  • ‎Improved fuel efficiency‎

‎Honda 125SE 2024 Model‎

‎Let’s look at the features and features of the current Honda 125SE model here.‎

‎Aside from the Mate Black color and the new sticker design, there’s not much to talk about. The Honda 125 comes with a 5-speed transmission instead of the SE4. It also has both electric and kickstart options. The height of seats in SE 125 is slightly higher and longer wheelbase compared to CG 125.‎

Expectations from Honda 125 SE 2024 Model 

  • Sportier / trail body design
  • Better Seat design
  • New exhaust design
  • New headlight and taillight shape
  • LEDs in Headlight and taillight
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Engine kill switch (engine stop switch)
  • Alloy rims
  • Better shock absorbers
  • Disc brakes
  • More colors
  • Less vibrations (with balancer)
  • Better fuel efficiency

‎Honda 125 SE 2024 Price in Pakistan‎

‎The current model Honda 125 SE is priced at around ‎‎PKR 234,900.. We can expect the same price for the 2024 model.‎

‎If you don’t want to wait for the upcoming models, you can buy the current models of Honda CG 125 and 125SE at current prices.‎


‎It’s time for Honda to make some major changes to its best motorcycles. We have mentioned the features and features of the existing models and showed the expectations of customers about the upcoming Honda 125 2024 model. Let’s see if the company takes customer expectations seriously or goes with changes to graphics as usual.‎

‎It’s time for Honda to consider a significant addition to its most popular motorcycle. We have shown the required improvement in Honda 125 2024 models as per customer expectations. It remains to be seen whether the company will heed these expectations and introduce substantial changes or continue the trend of graphical updates.‎

‎Will you buy the Honda 125 2024 model if it is launched only with graphics upgrades (change of stickers)? Let us know in the comments section below.‎

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