Google Wants to Introduce You Search for a Song Stuck in your head by Humming


Google Search employs machine learning to identify the melody you can’t get out of your mind. The functionality can also listen and recognize songs being played in the vicinity, akin to Apple’s Shazam.

Google is in the process of testing an innovative feature that could transform the way we search for songs. This upcoming capability would allow users to hum or sing a few lines of a song stuck in their minds, enabling Google to identify the track and provide relevant results on YouTube.

This testing phase involves the integration of song recognition into YouTube’s search functionality. Similar to how Apple’s Shazam operates, users will have the option to have Google listen to and identify songs that are playing in their vicinity. However, the distinctive twist lies in the ability to search for songs by humming.

Currently, the feature is undergoing beta testing on YouTube’s platform, exclusively available to a select group of Android users. Those participating in the experiment will encounter a new song search option within YouTube’s voice search settings. When using this option, users can either hum the tune or record the song they’re seeking for at least 3 seconds.

Once the song is successfully recognized, YouTube will not only reveal its title but also provide original music content and user-generated videos associated with the song, enhancing the overall search experience within the YouTube app.

Beyond this exciting song search feature, Google is concurrently trialing another enhancement—an addition to the Subscriptions feed known as the “channel shelf.” This new feature groups multiple uploads from a single content creator over a specified time frame. By doing so, Google aims to alleviate the pressure on creators to upload content multiple times daily and to offer users a more streamlined approach to accessing the content they desire.

As Google continues to explore novel ways to enhance user experiences across its platforms, these developments underscore its commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. Soon, users could have the power to find their favorite songs by simply humming a few cherished notes.

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