Google or Microsoft: Which Tech Giant Offers Higher Engineer Salaries? New Study Provides the Answer


  • Meta and Google offer higher salaries to software engineers compared to Microsoft and Apple.
  • Data from Blind users provided insights into confidential details, including Meta’s engineers experiencing rapid career growth.
  • Microsoft, despite having more job levels that potentially allow for flexible promotions, generally offers lower total compensation than its competitors.

Are you an engineer seeking a role in a major tech firm? It’s essential to note that in the realm of compensation, it’s Google and Meta, not Microsoft or Apple, that take the lead. A recent study conducted via Blind, an anonymous online forum for tech professionals, brought to light that Google and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) are the frontrunners in providing higher salaries to their software engineers when compared to other prominent tech giants. However, the scenario shifts as engineers progress in their careers, rendering the compensation differences among these Big Tech players more comparable.

The study, initially reported by The Verge, delves into compensation data gathered from Blind users spanning from the previous year’s January to the present month. This comprehensive data unveils facets of tech companies that usually remain confidential. Although public corporations are mandated to disclose the average annual remuneration across their entire workforce, specific pay details for distinct job tiers are generally concealed, except when individuals apply for specific roles. Blind’s platform, while preserving user anonymity, mandates workplace verification through professional email addresses.

The study also unveiled intriguing findings. Notably, Meta’s engineers witness swift progress in their career levels, coupled with some of the highest compensation within the tech industry. In contrast, Microsoft offers a range of job levels for software engineers, potentially equipping them with enhanced promotional flexibility. However, the study highlights that Microsoft’s overall compensation tends to be lower in comparison, except for roles at the “staff software engineer” level.

For those desiring further insights, another valuable source is the midyear compensation report offered by This report serves as a resource, offering a comprehensive view of the compensation frameworks within private tech enterprises across various levels of seniority. To illustrate, it underscores that an L5 engineer at OpenAI has the potential to earn upwards of $900,000 annually.

Collectively, this study casts a spotlight on the diverse compensation practices within major tech companies. It unveils that Google and Meta lead the pack as top payers for software engineers, while Apple and Microsoft fall behind when it comes to compensating entry-level engineers.

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