Google News Introduces Redesigned ‘Following’ Feed in Latest Update

Google News has unveiled a revamped ‘Following’ tab that introduces customizable feed displays, enabling users to receive news stories focused on specific topics of their choice, such as sports teams or space exploration. This update, initially announced in June, aims to enhance the local news experience and deliver the latest updates from sources and subjects that users are interested in.

Previously, Google News allowed users to follow a wide range of topics like World, Technology, and Health, in addition to various publications and locations. These preferences are now utilized to shape the ‘For You’ feed, as reported by 9to5Google.

In the previous iteration, the Following tab presented all the content that a user was following. With the recent update, the news feed is presented in cards, organized based on topics, sources, and locations. Each card highlights three top headlines. Google has provided users with the ability to follow or unfollow specific interests, like or dislike particular topics, or hide stories from specific publications. While users have the flexibility to customize their topics from the Library section, the arrangement of cards is determined by Google’s algorithms and cannot be manually adjusted, according to a report from ZDNet.

The landscape of this domain has seen noteworthy developments recently. Samsung News, a competitor to Google News, was launched in April. The app offers users access to daily news from various publications and incorporates customized news feeds. It also includes morning and evening briefings summarizing the day’s top news. Similar to Google News, it features a ‘Following’ tab that users can tailor to their preferences based on their interests, as noted in a TechCrunch report. The app further integrates daily briefings that are delivered twice a day and curated by a news editor. Additionally, users can enjoy podcasts within the app.

Google News’ redesigned Following page showcases multiple cards at the top, each representing a distinct area of interest. Upon opening, articles related to the selected topic, complete with headlines, sources, images, and details, are displayed. The visual layout of the feed is reminiscent of Chrome’s feed when opening a new tab, as reported by ZDNet.

The new version of Google News, featuring these enhancements, is currently available for Android devices, and it is anticipated to make its way to iOS devices later this year.

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