Google is the highest-paid major technology company for meta engineers

Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) charge their software engineers more than their Big Tech counterparts, a new study has found.

Apple and Microsoft pay the lowest salary on average for entry-level engineers, but compensation for senior engineers is comparable across the industry, according to new data from an anonymous forum for technology employees.

This new research was first seen by The Verge.

“Google has one of the most balanced or consistent pay bands in Big Tech companies. This means that it is rare for a person working at the lower level to get a higher salary than someone at the higher level.

The report added that meta-engineers achieve the fastest speed and their salaries are the highest.

These figures are based on compensation packages self-reported by blind consumers from January last year to this month.

Additionally, studies show that Amazon’s promotions may take longer than its peers, and its salary threshold for engineers is the highest.

In addition, Microsoft has several levels of employment for software engineers, which can allow the company to give more promotions.

“Microsoft has many job levels for software engineers, which could give the company more flexibility to give more promotions. However, their overall remuneration to staff software engineers is lower than that of their peers across the board.

Recently, a Software Engineer of Google said that he works only one hour a day and earns a salary of $ 20.150 lakh annually.

Devon explained that he starts his week by writing code for “a decent part” of any work before sending it to his manager.

He had done an internship at Google and knew that if he got a job, he would not have to work too hard.

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