Get Ball by Ball Commentary of Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, Asia Cup, 2nd Match, Group B

Shanaka Emphasizes ‘Good Brotherhood’ Between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

We invite you to join us today for the exciting clash between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in Pallekelle. Signing off for now, this is Ekanth along with my fellow report-writer, Hemant Brar, and our diligent scorers, Thilak Rama and K Vairavan. Goodbye!

Amidst the evolving dynamics of Bangladesh-Sri Lanka fixtures, their upcoming match might add to the intensity of emotions. Ahead of the group match, Sri Lanka’s captain, Dasun Shanaka, unintentionally hinted at his perception of Bangladesh players’ decision-making speed. The context had been about his recent experience playing alongside Shakib Al Hasan in the Lanka Premier League (LPL), where they were teammates for Galle Titans.

Get Ball by Ball Commentary of Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, Asia Cup, 2nd Match, Group B

Throughout the press conference, Shanaka consistently emphasized the mutual respect shared between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players, acknowledging Bangladesh’s prowess on the field.

However, Shanaka’s inadvertent comment could offer a glimpse into Sri Lanka’s tactical approach in getting under Bangladesh’s skin. As the Asia Cup has become marked by rivalries, psychological strategies are at play.

Referring to his experience playing with Shakib in the LPL, Shanaka stated, “There is an advantage in having been able to play with Shakib in the LPL. The Bangladesh players are sometimes a bit too quick in the way they take decisions.”

The question that prompted this response was related to insights gained by national captains from their shared league experience.

After pausing briefly, Shanaka continued, “I wasn’t able to learn a lot because he [Shakib] isn’t someone who speaks a lot. Although we played in the same team, we don’t share a lot. When there’s an Asia Cup coming up, it’s better not to give your plans away.”

In other aspects of the press conference, Shanaka expressed the usual respect for the opposition and debunked notions of deep animosity between the two teams.

Shanaka addressed the external noise surrounding the teams’ relationship, stating, “The noise is outside. Between the teams, there’s a good relationship. We can’t control the outside noise. It’s a good brotherhood. We have that respect.”

He also discussed the injury challenges faced by Sri Lanka leading up to the tournament, with key players absent due to various injuries. Despite this, Shanaka expressed confidence in the team’s ability to perform under pressure, particularly in batting, and remained optimistic about their chances in the tournament.

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