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Alight Motion (AM Pro APK) is one of the best video editing and video animation apps with all the features of motion graphics. This application was developed by Alight Creative, Inc., which has more than 50 million downloads and millions of active users. It has been a long time since this app was launched, but it’s still the first choice of users who are into photography or video editing.

Applications like KineMasterPowerDirector have changed the way we create video content. Alight Motion does the same: not only does it cut, mash, or edit clips, but it also helps to personalize videos with various transitions, effects, and animation touches. You just need to have an idea, and Alight Motion will convert it into reality.

Alight Motion Apk Version 5

V5.0.177.1000045 || 151MB

V5.0.161.106019 || 151MB

V5.0.113.104435 || 151MB

V5.0.107.104233 || 151MB

V5.0.102.104144 || 151MB

V5.0.94.103891 || 151MB

V5.0.83.103719 || 151MB

V5.0.62.103295 || 151MB

Alight Motion Apk Version 4

V4.5.294.20267 || 151MB

V4.5.1.9491 || 151MB

V4.5.0.9491 || 151MB

V4.5.30.491 || 151MB

V4.5.3.9491 || 151MB

V4.4.9.8612 || 151MB

V4.4.8.8612 || 151MB

V4.4.5.5513 || 151MB

V4.4.3.4917 || 151MB

V4.4.2.4694 || 151MB

V4.4.1.4501 || 151MB

V4.O.0.4501 || 151MB

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