Did you know that too many eggs can cause side effects in your body?

Eggs are very healthy and nutritious but a certain amount is recommended for daily use due to its high cholesterol and calorie content.

Moderation is the key to everything in life. Want to take a break and party? Be sure to drink in moderation. Want something delicious? Eat in moderation. Similarly, the concept of moderation applies to healthy foods such as eggs. Sure, they are very healthy and nutritious but, there is a certain amount that is recommended for daily use. It may depend on certain factors such as the person’s lifestyle habits, metabolism, and body type. For athletes or gym geeks, eggs are one of the richest sources of protein they need to build stamina and strength. Nutritionists and trainers may suggest that they eat more than two eggs per day as they lead a highly active lifestyle. But, even for people in this category, trainers often advise them to eat only egg whites for protein and lubricate egg yolks because it contains high levels of cholesterol and fat.

Now let’s talk about ordinary people. They just want to stay in shape, do their daily work and stay healthy at least or sometimes without exercise. For them, the same number of eggs is not recommended. At most, they can eat up to two eggs per day. It also depends on factors such as metabolism, weight, body type, and age. Basically, too many eggs can lead to high cholesterol and other serious health issues and we’re here to tell you about them.

Too many eggs can cause high cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, eggs tend to contain high amounts of cholesterol and if people consume too much in a day without monitoring, they can develop this health problem. A study published in the journal Nutrition found that people who eat eggs for breakfast have a higher risk of high cholesterol than people who do not eat eggs. However, instead of eating whole eggs, there is an alternative solution. People can only go for egg whites. Egg whites are rich in nutrients but do not contain fat or cholesterol.

The risk of heart disease may be higher

Another study, revealed that the risk of developing heart diseases due to the use of eggs is really very high. They claim that eating only half an egg can increase the risk of heart problems.

It can lead to weight gain.

Eggs, especially the yolk portion, contain a lot of calories and cholesterol and that’s what we all know. Therefore, eating too much will lead to weight gain and that’s obvious. This weight gain is good for people who are underweight and lean but otherwise it can be very harmful. But, ignoring all these factors, it is always better to consult a dietitian before eating too many eggs daily.

Eggs can cause digestive problems

Finally, eating too many eggs can also cause digestive problems. Eggs are full of protein and fiber and take some time to digest. Therefore, many people may suffer from problems such as acidity, inflammation, and bowel problems. In this case, people should not use them without the proper guidance of an expert.

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