‎Breast milk: The many health benefits for baby and mother


‎Breast milk is the only food that is especially rich in minerals, protein, vitamins and fatty acids for your baby. As they grow and grow day by day, fall sick and recover, their milk keeps changing. Whether it is for the development of a healthy digestive system or to prevent disease, your milk is an important prescription for your baby.‎

‎ Breast milk is not only beneficial for the baby, but it is also very important for mothers. It can keep the mother and baby away from many diseases and keep both healthy. In this blog, we will highlight some of the extraordinary benefits of breastfeeding that not only have for children but also for mothers. For better guidance and health of the mother and child, it is important that you contact ‎‎experienced doctors‎‎ on ointment

‎1. Mother’s milk has healing properties‎

‎The miracle of the human body is also amazingly healing because of its many properties. Breastfeeding keeps the baby’s stomach full and the baby is satisfied and sleeps well, and due to this, children can be protected from numerous intestinal diseases and children develop healthy.‎

‎Breast milk acquires abundant and easily absorbable nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, immune system strengthening properties and receives antibodies from the mother. The mother’s more mature immune system makes antibodies to germs.‎

‎ These antibodies enter breast milk to help protect your baby from disease. Immunoglobulin covers the baby’s immature intestinal layer. Which prevents germs and allergens from being excreted. Breast milk also contains substances that naturally comfort infants.‎

‎2 What diseases do breastfed babies stay away from?‎

  • Prevention of allergies, eczema, and asthma.‎
  • Cancer risk prevention since childhood, including leukemia and lymphomas.‎
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes 1 and 2.‎
  • ‎Prevention of Crohn’s disease and colitis.‎
  • The rate of respiratory disease decreases.‎
  • Dental problems decrease.‎
  • ‎ There are fewer chances of becoming obese later in childhood.‎
  • Brain maturity improves.‎
  • Infection prevention and immunity increase.‎

3 Breastfeeding is to keep yourself physically healthy‎

‎Breast milk ‎‎helps in rapid weight loss after birth,‎‎ burning about 500 extra calories daily to make and maintain the milk supply.‎

  1. ‎Helps the uterus shrink and return to normal size.‎
  2.  Improves the menstrual system.‎
  3.  Reduces urinary tract infections.‎
  4. There is less chance of anaemia.‎
  5. Reduces the risk of depression and keeps your mood positive.‎

‎4 How is breast milk beneficial for the baby?‎

‎Breast milk is helpful in removing many health problems.‎

Strong immune system‎

‎Breast milk protects both mother and baby from many diseases. This makes your child’s immune system strong enough to fight infections and bacteria. It is so powerful that it greatly reduces your child’s chances of getting pneumonia, cold and diarrhea.‎

‎Breastfeeding can also protect children from many serious diseases such as diabetes, celiac disease, etc. A good pediatrician can help you more about the numerous benefits of breastfeeding and also give you the best advice.‎

‎Is nutritious‎

‎Breast milk contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs. It is high in protein and low in sugar and is loaded with nutrients like vitamin D. To strengthen your baby, make sure you breastfeed him for at least six months.‎


‎Breast milk is loaded with antibodies, especially immunoglobulin A, which fights the disease even before it becomes severe. Immunoglobulin in breast milk creates a protective layer in the baby’s nose, throat and digestive system, which makes your baby strong and healthy.‎

‎5 How is breastfeeding healthy for yourself?‎

‎Many mothers see milk as the gold standard to ensure their babies are fed regularly without compromising their health from day one. Mother’s milk is nature’s gift to the newborn. It is full of nutrients which are very effective for your child’s development.‎

‎Weight loss‎

‎Breastfeeding causes you to lose weight rapidly after 3 months of delivery. It actually burns calories faster than you think. This is an easy way to lose weight because about 500 calories are burned daily if you breastfeed.‎

‎Uterus returning to its shape‎

‎During pregnancy, the uterus expands too much and covers the entire space of the woman’s stomach. When mothers breastfeed, their body produces oxytocin, which helps shrink the uterus, reduces bleeding and helps the uterus return to its previous size.‎

‎ Reduces Depression‎

‎During breastfeeding, oxytocin is released, which is also responsible for the increase in peace in our body. It also encourages a sense of caring for yourself and the baby and improves the relationship between mother and child.‎

‎Breastfeeding is very beneficial, it not only saves time and money, but also prevents the child’s ear infection, respiratory infection, gut infection, bowel problems, sudden infant death syndrome, allergic diseases, celiac diseases, intestinal inflammatory diseases, diabetes, childhood leukemia.‎

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