Best Zero Markup Installment Scheme for Honda CD70 in Pakistan

Zero Markup Instalment Plan for Honda CD70 in Pakistan

Bank Alfalah has provided a great opportunity for bike enthusiasts to buy the Honda CD70 through a simple installment plan consisting of zero markup.

‎The offer will be applicable for a period of up to six months and is specifically related to Honda CD70, Honda CD70 Dream, Honda Predur and Honda CG125 models.‎

‎In order to take advantage of this attractive opportunity, potential buyers need to cover the processing fee as per the bank’s SOCs.‎

‎Currently, Bank Alfalah has introduced an installment plan that comes with zero percent markup, which covers a period of three and six months. However, the bank offers a spectrum of flexible installment plans with different time frames, which extend up to 36 months, ensuring that customers can choose the plan according to their preferences.‎

‎The following table outlines the plan for the Honda CD70 motorcycle and its related installment, all of which span a maximum of six months and have no markup.‎

Honda CD70 (RED) Rs157,900 Rs52,633 Rs26,317
Honda CD70 (Black) Rs157,900 Rs52,633 Rs26,317
Honda CD70 (Blue) Rs157,900 Rs52,633 Rs26,317

The delivery process provided by the bank is as follows:

Delivery TAT is 28 working days.

  1. The bike will be delivered at the designated dealer in the customer’s city.
  2. Customers will be notified to collect motorcycles via SMS (sent from 8287)
  3. All required information will be available in this SMS such as the dealer’s name, address, contact number.
  4. The letter will be sent to the Atlas Honda team and they will also call the customer to collect.
  5. If customers do not get SMS/call after the TAT is over, then instead of filing a complaint, reissue Honda Bike Letter.

After receiving the SMS, customers need to go to the dealer with the original Identity Card.

The bike will be provided only to the cardholder.

The invoice and authority letter required for registration by Atlas Honda will be delivered to its designated dealer within 7 days after the delivery of the motorcycle.

Complaints regarding non-supply of documents (required for registration) or request for re-issuance of documents will be considered within 45 days after the delivery of the motorcycle.

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