Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft: Which is the highest-paid big tech company for engineers


  • The study relies on compensation data voluntarily shared by Blind users between January 2022 and August 2023.
  • Notably, Google emerged as a frontrunner, offering software engineers the highest remuneration, with a remarkable maximum base salary of $718,000 in 2022.
  • Conversely, among the prominent Big Tech firms, Apple and Microsoft were identified as offering relatively lower pay to entry-level engineers.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Meta are globally recognized for offering lucrative job opportunities to engineers. According to a report from Blind, an anonymous tech employee forum, Google and Meta stand out by providing the highest compensation to software professionals in comparison to their counterparts within the Big Tech industry. In contrast, among these prominent companies, Apple and Microsoft are identified as offering relatively lower salaries to entry-level engineers.

It’s important to highlight that these findings are derived from data encompassing self-disclosed compensation packages by Blind users spanning from January 2022 to August 2023.

A recent report by Business Insider, it has been highlighted that software engineers have emerged as the top-earning individuals at Google. Notably, they commanded an impressive maximum base salary of $718,000 (approximately Rs 64,52,000) in the year 2022.

Initially brought to attention by The Verge, the study also brought to light some interesting insights. For instance, it was revealed that promotions at Amazon tend to take a longer duration compared to its industry counterparts. Additionally, Amazon’s salary ranges for engineers are the most extensive among its peers. The study also shed light on Meta, stating that engineers at Meta seem to progress through the ranks swiftly and are among the highest earners in the field.

According to the report, Apple’s overall compensation package might not be as competitive as that of other companies. Nevertheless, it maintains a sense of equity and consistency in its job levels and pay bands. In contrast, Meta seems to excel in terms of rapid career advancement and high remuneration for its engineers.

Based on the study’s findings, Blind concluded that Google boasts one of the most harmonious pay structures among major tech companies. Notably, at Google, entry-level engineers generally cannot earn more than senior engineers, contributing to this balance.

Turning attention to Microsoft, the company employs multiple levels for engineers, offering greater flexibility in terms of promotions. However, its compensation doesn’t quite match up to its industry peers, except for the staff software engineer role.

A recent report also highlighted that while software engineers occupy the leading position in terms of base salary, maximum equity, and bonuses at Google, the top 10 highest-paying positions across engineering, business, and sales at the company all enjoy six-figure base salaries.

It’s worth noting that the website provides insights into midyear compensation for various tech companies, shedding light on the compensation structures across different levels. As per the site, an L5 engineer at OpenAI can potentially earn more than $900,000 (approximately Rs 7,44,53,000) annually.

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