About Us

We write the news of the world.

Founded in 2023 by renowned entrepreneur Shahzad Sial, Political Voice, is an independent news network that is changing the landscape of journalism and news coverage in contemporary society. We challenge the principles of traditional journalism by providing a better approach to news reporting and dissemination.

Our commitment is to provide honest, factual and unbiased international reporting that can be trusted. We try to help citizens solve the problems that matter most in their lives.

We are passers-by, guardians and seekers of truth. Our goal is not to sell you a story but to provide you with facts. It’s up to you to choose what to do next.

Empowering millions of people with tomorrow’s responses

We work tirelessly to provide reliable information that empowers individuals to be tracked, globally conscious, and make well-informed decisions. By linking challenges to solutions, we enable people to drive the changes they want to see.


How many of our problems could have been solved had we not used the media?

We believe that the quality of our media consumption directly affects our ability to solve problems effectively.

News is very important – it connects us to the world, makes us aware of the experiences of others, and keeps us up to date on global events. However, often, media coverage is affected and deviates from the whole truth, leading to social problems. Our aim is to break this harmful cycle.


Political voice-breaking offer

As people become aware of the limitations of mainstream media, they look for the truth without any hindrance and noise. Many people choose to stay away from the news altogether.

We think it’s time for change. Political Voice Breaking provides an independent news platform that focuses on facts using our global network of technology and reporters to conduct detailed research. We present news without any unnecessary additions, empowering citizens to use journalism for positive change.

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Fast and true coverage

Our high quality has earned the trust of our viewers. We believe that “an informed world avoids conflict.” An uninformed world creates it, so we have local correspondents in every country globally.

Raising awareness

We objectively share global stories ranging from war and conflict to politics, creating citizen-centric platforms to create awareness on key issues.

Reliable Reporting

Our grassroots reporters provide news that takes the audience to the center of the story, providing unfiltered, factual information at the grassroots level.

Citizen-based media

Our great journalism reinforces our message of empowerment and gives people the opportunity to tell their stories.

Our Values

Promoting progress with honesty-based reporting

Our founder Shahzad Sial is dedicated to helping humanity and his mission and values are reflected in our commitment to ethical journalism and standards of unwavering integrity.

Our 5 core values:

‎Our Founders‎

‎Get to know our founder.‎

‎During the COVID-19 pandemic, successful entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist Shahzad Sial recognized the need for a fact-based, data-driven news network to deliver fast, accurate and unbiased news across formats. This is how political chaos was broken.‎

‎Shahzad Sial believes that journalism and news reporting can have a profound impact on lives around the world.‎

‎Since the age of 16, he has been leveraging basic technology to develop solutions that benefit businesses, communities, government agencies, and organizations globally.‎